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    Killer Clichés

    Conveniently located

    • Not for everyone, unless you're Starbucks or McDonalds.

    Now that  (name the season, “Spring, Winter, etc.) is in the air

    • Most people know what season it is.

    All the names you know and love

    • AKA: all the names you know and trust. WHY do we trust those names? That’s what’s important!

    Don't forget

    • They will forget, unless you say something meaningful and repeat it over and over until they’re ready to buy.

    Stop in soon

    • When, exactly, is soon? The customer usually comes in on their timetable, not yours.

    The next time you're in the mood for.....

    • What if I’m not in the mood for…maybe I’m not familiar with it, or don’t like it.

    Doesn't it make sense to .....

    • Maybe. Maybe it doesn’t make sense. Don’t pre-judge what the customer thinks.


    • Instead of telling them to remember, tell them something memorable!

    It's sale time at .....

    • When isn’t it!

    Stretch your budget with values like .....

    • Customers know the prices. They know when something is a good value. Give them specifics.

    Super savings

    • Are they really? Better to tell the customer specifically. They know when prices are really good—or not.

    Savings throughout the store

    • Are you going out of business? Is there a reason you’ve discounted all your merchandise? Is it old, out of date, last year’s model?

    And while you are there

    • Advertisers always want to stuff “one more thing” into their ad, just in case.

    Check out .....

    • Why should I check it out? What will I see that’s different, special, unusual, fun?

    A select group of...

    • Who selected them and why? Are they really special?

    The friendly staff down at.....

    • Everyone says their staff is friendly. Are they really? And why should the customer care?

    Everyday low, low prices

    • In the world of Wal-Mart, you can’t just say it, you’ve got to prove it. Most local retailers can’t.

    For all your ..... needs

    • A customer isn’t trying to fulfill ALL their needs each time they shop. They’re looking to fill a SPECIFIC need. Do you have what they’re looking for?

    How about a ..... for those .....

    • Stop selling and start informing! What does your product or service do? What problem does it solve?

    Our friendly qualified personnel

    • Qualified to do what? What makes them different than every other company’s qualified personnel?

    Lowest possible prices

    • There’s no such thing and every customer knows it.

    Prices slashed to the bone

    • Again, no such thing. Customers know businesses must make a profit. Be specific in your pricing.

    We refuse to be undersold

    • What does that mean? If it’s a company policy, explain it specifically so the customer understands what you’re offering.

    We will meet or beat any offer

    • These are words uttered by businesses desperately trying to keep customers from going to the competition. Unless you mean it, don’t say it.

    People who care about you

    • Sure they do. Why do they care? Don’t say it. Show it. Better yet, let your customers say it for you.

    Huge selection of

    • How many is in a “huge.” Everybody’s got a different idea of what that means.

    But wait, there is still more

    • This works well in infomercials. Unless you’re Ron Popeil, stop teasing me and start solving my problems.


    • Definition:” ludicrously odd, fanciful, unrealistic, foolish.”  Still think you’d like using such a word can help your business.


    • See above.

    You'll save big on .....

    • How many dollars are in a “big?” Don’t make me guess.

    And, of course, .....

    • If you’re using this kind of phrase, you’ve probably modeling your commercial after the buffet line at Golden Corral.

    Don't miss out

    • Customers aren’t stupid. They know whatever you’re selling will still be there next week, next month or next year…and probably at an even better price.

    Factory trained technicians

    • Customers EXPECT your technicians to be trained and they don’t really care where you send them to get it.

    We service what we sell

    • Doesn’t mean you’re any good at it.

    All the names you know and trust

    • AKA: All the names you know and love (see above)

    Super specials

    • Why not just make the offer and the customer can decide if it’s special, let alone “super.” Or, explain why the offer is unusually good. Truth is better than creativity.”


    This list of "Killer clichés" is taken from a seminar handbook "Crash Course in Advertising Results", The AdVisory Board Inc., Chris Lytle & Associates, Madison, WI, 1994