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    Most local business owners don’t do customer research, either because they think they can’t afford it or they believe they won’t know how to use it to improve their company.

    Information is the critical link that can make the difference in building powerful connections with customers. But data alone isn’t enough. To be of real value, research has to be analyzed and customized for each business.

    Focalize Consulting specializes in making customer research accessible and affordable to even the smallest of businesses and organizations. We help them evaluate the information we collect on their customers and show them how to use it to develop more effective marketing strategies and messages.


    Lifestyle Segmentation Demographic Research

    What types of people are your best customers? What distinguishes them from other people and where can you find other people who share those same characteristics? Sounds like magic, but it’s a proven research method top national companies have been using for decades.

    Lifestyle Segmentation research is based on a simple idea: that people who live in the same neighborhoods tend to have similar lifestyles. Lifestyle Segmentation allows marketers to drill down deep to focus on finding the kinds of people who are most likely to do business with you.

    For nearly 20 years, Focalize Consulting has been a leading expert in the field of Lifestyle Segmentation research. We work with Experian to provide the most detailed customer demographic analysis available. The analysis is based on your own customer database, not generic data.  We develop a rich profile of your customers’ lifestyles, habits and preferences, show who your best customers are and why, plus where to find other people who match the same profile—anywhere in the U.S.!

    Take a look at sample reports, watch a video tutorial about how Lifestyle Segmentation works and see samples of how we utilized this detailed information to create more successful marketing themes and campaigns for companies all over the U.S.

    Perceptual Quantitative and Qualitative Research

    Focalize Consulting conducts, supervises and analyzes research studies for companies in need of feedback and insight regarding the perceptions and behavior of their customers and prospects. Our studies are designed and implemented by top research companies with proven track records in the field of consumer behavior.

    Our goal is to provide our clients with actionable information and analysis to enable them to make the biggest decisions about their strategic positioning with a high degree of confidence. Customized research studies like these can provide clarity and direction when it comes to answering the most difficult marketing questions. We have conducted studies for retailers, automotive dealers, private and public schools, colleges, medical practices, non-profit organizations and religious institutions.

    Political Polling and Analysis

    A wise political operative once observed: “few candidates really win elections. They just lose less badly than their opponents.” The difference between winning and losing usually comes down to having the right information and using it to take decisive action.

    Focalize Consulting conducts polling and analysis for political candidates and issues at the county and local level, giving campaigns the insight they need to make strategic decisions about everything from message development to media utilization.

    In our last five campaigns, all five were winners within one point of our predicted outcome! How do we do it? We work with some of the top political and election experts across the U.S. to develop insightful surveys and thorough analysis that gives candidates and organizations the answers and information they need to conduct winning campaigns.

    Focus Groups

    Sometimes you just have to hear it direct from a customer’s own lips to believe it. That’s when focus group research can provide the feedback and insight you need to make the final decision on whether to implement a new campaign, launch a new product or commit to a new strategy.

    Focalize Consulting has conducted and analyzed focus group research for more than 20 years. Studies we’ve conducted for private and public schools and colleges, religious organizations, retailers and political campaigns have provided critical decision-making information that have helped our clients capitalize on opportunities or avoid catastrophic mistakes.

    We work with top industry professionals to create effective discussion guides that keep groups focused and engaged. We recruit using top-rated call centers, videotape all sessions and boil down hours of discussions into an organized, easy-to-use analysis of all participant feedback.

    You can see a portion of a few of our focus group sessions right here.

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