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    Non-profit organizations face their own unique set of marketing challenges. Whether launching a capital campaign or trying to build community awareness for a new initiative, non-profits must always juggle the delicate balance between creating effective marketing and minimizing cost.

    Focalize Consulting has been helping non-profit organizations achieve that balance by creating effective targeted marketing programs that focus on achieving goals.

    Capital Campaign Marketing

    Focalize Consulting has designed marketing campaigns that have raised more than $70 million for capital campaign construction of schools, churches and community organizations.

    We start from the premise that donors do not give to bricks and mortar. They support missions and visions. By helping organizations find their voice and clearly state the vital needs they will be meeting, our capital campaign marketing programs enable volunteers and leaders to confidently articulate the case for giving, resulting in more participation and larger gifts.

    Branding & Positioning for Non-Profits

    Many non-profit organizations are lost in a sea of charitable giving options. Their message cannot be heard because donors and supporters are unable to easily understand the organization’s mission. Or, perhaps the non-profit is competing with other, better-known organizations in a similar field. We help new or struggling non-profits figure out what makes them distinctively different so they may find their voice—and strong supporters of their cause.


    Integrated Marketing for Non-Profits

    Non-profits are not immune to the new world of integrated media. They must live in it, adapt to it and leverage it to be successful, just like any other business. But many non-profits have been slow to adapt, not just to the technological innovations, but also to the new psychology of engaging supporters, donors, sponsors and the community in an open, free-flowing conversation thru all media forms. Focalize Consulting trains organizations on how to use dynamic new tools in combination with traditional media, public relations and promotions to develop stronger relationships with stakeholders and supporters alike.

    See some of our work for non-profit organizations right here.